Wow! Elvis couldn’t stop laughing at his concert!


It is impossible not to laugh. It’s so cool! i can’t stop smiling and laughing!))) And you?

Elvis’ laugh on loop should play everywhere for a happier society!

This hilarious version was recorded in Las Vegas in the summer of 1969. What a treat to watch this. The man who took his wig off, and caused the laughter of Elvis should get a round of hand clapping. His laughter is so infectious!

In April 1969 Elvis Presley was signing a contract to appear at the as of then unfinished International Hotel in Las Vegas. You most probably have heard or even listened to songs by Elvis Presley. This guy rocked the 60s and 70s. He was a gifted singer who always had a crowd waiting for his great concerts. Well, as with most smart people, Elvis had a rather funny side too!

When Presley appeared in August it was to a sold out crowd. He performed for 58 consecutive sold out shows, breaking all Vegas attendance records. When Elvis was in the mood to be funny he would occasionally change the lyrics of the songs. During a performance of Are You Lonesome To-Night? instead of singing «Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there», he sings «Do you gaze at your bald head and wish you had hair».

Moments later a man in the front row removed his wig and began swaying to the music. The professionalism of the solo backing singer; Cissy Houston, mother of Whitney Houston, seemed to push him further over the edge as she remained resolute throughout. This live recording was a UK Top 30 hit in 1982 after first being commercially released by RCA in the 1980 box set Elvis Aaron Presley.

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