Why Did God Create Grandma? This Little Boy Has The Answer!


No other video ever gave me so much joy! Awesome little child!

Love the out look on life! Gramma is an awesome invention, LORD! Thank the video creators for blessing grandparents with the job!

This is the cutest video ever. I have watched it countless times. It always brightens my spirits and makes me smile! This little boy has a better head on his shoulders!

Most parents will report that grandparents tend to have a much different role in children’s lives than parents. That’s not much of a surprise, given that grandparents don’t have to be as involved in the day-to-day raising of children. They just get to spoil them and enjoy all of the fun!

Raising kids is a tough job and grandparents have plenty of experience raising their own kids — they may even have plenty of advice to offer. But, it’s not their job to be the parent. While parents may have to be the “bad guys,” grandparents have the option to always be the “good guys”.

According to Psychology Today, there are specific reasons why grandmas act differently than parents: They are older and therefore, mellower in their parenting styles and position as a disciplinarian, they tend to try harder because they are not the primary caretaker in the child’s life, and they may be taking advantage of a chance for a “do-over” in their own experience of raising kids.

“But moving to the next generation, grandmothers (or grandparents in general) typically aren’t called upon to deal with their grandkids at their most challenging worst. Nor are they required to function as disciplinarians, so they can be more lenient.

Having completed the arduous, worrisome, and super-responsible job of childrearing, they’re in a far better position to simply sit back and enjoy all the things that children say and do that make them so lovable…The daily stresses that go with parenting are largely absent in this quite different grandparent-to-child relationship. And so their role is less complicated, less taxing, less laborious.”

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