Ways to make your groceries last longer


Keep your groceries fresh longer! Best discovery ever!

The author gives great and useful tips!  I knew about tomatoes on counter, but not cucumbers! It is just a genius! So check it out and enjoy!

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Keep your groceries fresh longer! If you’ve ever wondered how you can make your fruits and veggies last longer, you’ve come to the right place.


To slow bananas from ripening, wrap the stem in plastic wrap.

You could also put your bananas in the fridge. The banana peel will most likely turn black so don’t be alarmed—the insides won’t be though!


Did you know tomatoes lose moisture through it’s stem? The best way to store tomatoes is by pulling off its stem, flipping them over (stem side down), and not putting it in the fridge.


When you take home a carton of these ruby gems, start by picking out the squishy strawberries. Mix 1 part white vinegar and 8 part water to gently rinse the berries.

The vinegar helps to destroy bacteria and mold spores on the strawberries, and allow it to stay fresh longer. Rinse, drain, gently dry, and store in the fridge in air tight container with a paper towel.

And then invest in the power of Pyrex. You can see your food better and heat it up right in its container. Glass retains no smell/stains, and many people swear it makes food taste better/last longer (myself included).

Set includes: one each: 1-cup round, 6-cup rectangle, 7-cup round; two each: 2-cup round, 4-cup round and 3-cup rectangle, and lids.

Promising review: «Fantastic! I recently decided to switch out all of my plastic containers for glass storage. I read tons of reviews and even tried a few brands. Pyrex by far beats the other companies.

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