Toddler Hilariously Fails At First Dive With Epic Belly Flop!


Cute and funny!

Hahaha, I just can’t stop laughing! That boy made my day! Amazing show!

And he turned my face into the bright smile! That’s great! Watch till the end! So we need to check this hilarious family video below and get to know more, how to swim right!

Water wings are meant to help little swimmers gain confidence in the water… but in reality, we think their sole purpose is to make tiny toddlers look downright adorable. The video below is evidence of this fact.

Last week, Corina Casanova of Asheville, North Carolina, was teaching her two young boys, Winston and Deacon, to dive, and quite frankly, it was destined for greatness the moment 2-year-old Deacon put on his water wings. She told the boys to keep their feet together and put their arms up over their head, before demonstrating herself.

Her older son, Winston, watches, at least out of the corner of his eye, as she bends her knees and jumps, executing a dive and landing with a splash. Moments later, he (slightly) bends at the knee and splashes in after her.

He tried his best to mimic Mom… but little Deacon here was not having it. He kept his eyes front and center during Mom’s demonstration, and that’s literally his downfall. “Go ahead, Deac!” an off-camera voice, presumably Dad’s, calls out. The dreaded belly flop!

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