This poor man was trying to leave the barn… How does the horse react? You burst out laughing!


That is so cute. Like a large dog he wants some scratching and loving.

Levi the horse is the one of the most enormous horses I have seen in my life. Not only is this horse gigantic, but he is also a real sweetheart. In this video, he meets Tom Dunn for the first time. When Tom started scratching his neck, he became instant friends with the adorable animal. Tom is the brother-in-law of the horse’s owner Janelle, and for height reference, he is 6 foot 2 inches tall. Levi is huge!

You are going be in hysterics when you see how Levi reacts when his new friend gives him a few scratches. Every time Tom tires to walk away, Levi drags him right back to him with his long neck. Horses, like many other animals, aren’t equipped to scratch every spot on their body, so when Tom came and helped him out with his itch, Levi’s response is priceless!

Animals are so interesting. You get such affection for the simplest things. But you love their reactions so much. Lovely to watch.

n the following video, we see a horse who has the most hysterical reaction to getting his neck rubbed by a new friend. You’ve probably seen what can happen when a dog gets a little “too friendly” with someone new, and this horse is just as smitten after a nice massage. Every time the man tries to sneak away from the horse, who is named Levi, he pulls him right back in with a hug.

Horses aren’t usually this outgoing with strangers, so we just love what this big guy does in the video!

Horses are grazing animals, and their major source of nutrients is good-quality forage from hay or pasture. They can consume approximately 2% to 2.5% of their body weight in dry feed each day. Therefore, a 450-kilogram (990 lb) adult horse could eat up to 11 kilograms (24 lb) of food. Sometimes, concentrated feed such as grain is fed in addition to pasture or hay, especially when the animal is very active. When grain is fed, equine nutritionists recommend that 50% or more of the animal’s diet by weight should still be forage.

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