These Kids’ Earth, Wind & Fire Cover Goes Viral!


Brilliant! WOW! Bravo! I am speechless!

People are so gullible not trying to learn something new, because it is hard, but these little guys are not just playing that! They have that we call ‘a real talent’!

And the guys have it! They trully need to publish this on an album! Must be their dad taught kids play the drums and guitar! The children made an amazing cover!

A video Clifton and Melody shared on Instagram quickly went viral after people realized just how much rhythm and talent these kids have. It is highly entertaining to watch them enjoy their cover of the song “Getaway” by Earth, Wind & Fire. The video already has over 20,000 views.

Their dad is a music teacher and he started teaching them how to play drums when they were two years old. Since then, they have learned to play the flute, bass, RavDrum, keyboards, and trumpets… and they are only ten. Well, Clifton is ten, Melody is nine! Although they have a natural affinity towards music, they practice two hours a day. Sometimes dad even joins in on those jam sessions.

Let’s admit it, there are a lot of older and successful musicians that keep to one genre, but Clifton and Melody have tried everything from Stevie Wonder and The Police to psychedelic funk. With those kind of skills, no wonder they already have tens of thousands of fans. Currently, their dad is acting as a drummer, but these kids are looking for the newest addition to their team.

According to a recent interview with RightThisMinute, Clifton thinks that they should find a new drummer that can play all kinds of beats because they are doing some really sophisticated songs these days. Melody agrees but also notes that they are looking for someone a little younger than day. In fact, they want their newest band member to be around the same as they are.

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