Soldier Stands In Military Formation. Then Daughter Sees Him And Hugs!


The sweetest meeting ever! LOL!

This girl was probably thinking ‘I don’t care about the dumb rules I want to hug my daddy’! Hopefully, she has good memories of him and treats her right! So sweet daughter.

I wish every human must have a heart like that innocent child… loving caring! The cutest little military rule breaker ever! It would be funny if she hugged the wrong man! ‘Oops wrong man!’

As adults, it’s easier for us to understand why a member of our family is missing, for whatever the reason. In the case of military families, adults and older children understand that their spouse, parent, or family member is gone temporarily. They know that their family member must be away from home to do their job, to help make our country a better and safer place, and to provide for their own family.

It’s a huge sacrifice, but one that all military members and their families take on willingly and with an astounding amount of grace and bravery. Military families face long separations and missed holidays, birthdays, and special events.

They also miss out on day to day routines and a family togetherness that many of us take for granted. Though they may be able to text, email, Skype, or communicate digitally through the many available channels, that is not the same as holding a loved one in your arms.

Digital connection is simply not the same. And for the youngest members of their families, they may feel this absence the strongest. Unlike adults and older children, they struggle to truly understand why their parent or loved one is gone every day and why they can’t feel their arms around them, providing comfort and security.

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