Simon Abruptly Cuts Off Nervous Singer, Then She Makes An Unexpected Comeback!


It was epic! She prooves that everyone deserves to have the second chance!

This song always brings joy and the melody makes me emotiona! She looks amazing! I can’t believe she has  three daughters! She looks so young!

I know some people say Simon is rude, but he himself is talented by knowing talent! He can tell at the beginning what works for the people, he knows what is best for the them and he knows how to improve them.

Imagine that you’re on a stage. Just seconds away from singing in front of thousands of strangers – the biggest stage you’ve ever performed to – and you’re abruptly cut off, three seconds into your audition. The song you chose was too cliché, and Simon Cowell has heard it one too many times.

That happened to Hope Murphy during her audition for Britain’s Got Talent. The nervous 16-year-old, apologetic and giggly before her performance was cheered on by her twin sister and parents as they sung along with her from the audience.

Singing in front of thousands of people on stage with judges, such as Simon Cowell, critiquing you was daunting for one nervous singer and Warwickshire mother of three, whose 10-year-old daughter signed her up for “Britain’s Got Talent.” Fearful to be told that she wasn’t any good, the judges joked that she came to “the right place” for that!

The joke may have lightened the mood, but the mom continued on nervously. Sian Pattinson was just a few seconds into singing “Ave Maria” when Cowell cut her off and stopped the music. Expecting the worst, Pattinson looked like she could have cried.

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