Shirtless Fireman Just Won The Internet With Most Epic Lip Sync Video Yet.


Be safe, and God bless! Captain, you rock with your crazy moves!

This was different, creative and funny! Well done First Responders! Well Done!! Enjoyed watching it and I appreciate you all sharing your talents.

One of my favorite parts, ‘the tu-tu’. Please be safe out there! Thank all the firemen in Texas! This was awesome! I loved it so much!

What do Miley Cyrus, Allen Jackson, Imagine Dragons, Foo Fighters, Aqua, and Lil Wayne all have in common? They were all lucky enough to be featured in the Paris Fire Department’s lip sync battle video. The recent lip sync battles between police departments led one station to challenge the Paris Fire Department in North Texas and thankfully for us all, they gladly accepted.

There have been some impressive videos published by cops all over the country but North Texas somehow manages to blow them all out of the water. Not only is their lip syncing on point, but they also manage to incorporate a dancing firehouse dog, put one of their own in a purple tutu, and our favorite: the wrecking ball.

If tutus, wrecking balls, the shiniest axe you’ve ever seen, and the general absurdity of this isn’t enough to make you laugh, the Paris fire department even pokes fun at their local police department in a typical friendly-rivalry way.

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