Shaking Like A Leaf Man Overcomes Fear To Sing Bette Midler Classic!


Deserved the Golden Buzzer! Best version I’ve ever heard of this song…

He sang it with real passion. I totally loved it! Never saw such a talented not professional singer!

But this melted my heart! I always break down when I see a guy cry, because if  they are crying, I know it must be really sad. He was so good! He is incredible! Enjoy it below!

When Christopher took to the stage, he was shaking like a leaf and suffering from a serious case of stage-fright. Watch as the shy singer overcomes his nerves to give a show-stopping performance that’ll induce more goosebumps than you can shake a stick at.

For five long years, Christopher Maloney was working up the courage to showcase his singing ability for the entire world. Christopher could barely perform in front of his friends and family without butterflies in his stomach — and the thought of doing so on camera was absolutely terrifying for him.

Even though he was scared to his wits, Christopher managed to pull off a song few veteran artists can tackle. Now his performance is spreading across the Internet like mad — and we can totally understand why!

Rather than sticking with an easy song that he could knock out of the park without much effort, Christopher went with «The Rose» by Bette Middler Due to the song’s tricky lyrics and range, Christopher knew he would have to nail every single aspect to win the judges over. And, thankfully, he did exactly that!

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