Reba Begins Singing “Mary Did You Know” With The ‘Little Big Town’!


Nicely done!  Beautiful words, beautiful melody! Here are two of my favorite artists plus one of my favorite songs! And this duo equals perfection! And this is one of my favorite Christmas songs!

Makes me tear up and smile! I am so happy for them. They deserve this success! It was so awesome and definitely an awesome thing to witness love in it!  So watch the video below!

You know it’s Christmastime when the CMA Country Christmas special rolls around! This fun Christmas special is when a collection of country music’s biggest stars stop by to share their cheer and holiday spirit!

From Carrie Underwood to Jennifer Nettles, Darius Rucker and more – there’s never a shortage of country talent during this fun Christmas program. So when Reba McEntire and the members of Little Big Town take the stage, the audience knows they’re in for a treat! The CMA Country Christmas special is a tradition that’s been around since 2010.

Instead of playing the same old holiday movies, the ABC network decided to mix things up and invite the CMA Country Christmas special onto its network! From there, the special kept returning and the viewership continued to grow.

The star-studded night filled with powerful Christmas music was something that people all over the country wanted to see! Now, the CMA Country Christmas special is a holiday staple and draws in the industry’s most beloved talent. That’s exactly why Reba and Little Big Town were slotted to perform together!

Reba and the four members of Little Big Town, Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Jimi Westbrook, and Phillip Sweet, take the stage and belt out the words of “Mary Did You Know” in perfect harmony. The way their voices come together, as well as the music that plays softly in the background, is something that’s rare nowadays.

Every time one of the singers takes a mini-solo, the others back them up flawlessly. There are no egos, demands or disagreements between these superstars – just a love for music and a passion for the true meaning of Christmas.

Every note sounds incredible and every pitch is perfect. There’s a reason why these country music superstars were picked to perform together – and none of their fans in the audience were left feeling disappointed!

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