Mom And 3 Year Old Daughter Dance To Beyonce On Ellen!


Two years old and already gets to meet a celebrity! She is so lucky!) I love this little girl so much! OMG! It is so cute and she is a polite and smart little angel!

Wow, when you see a little kid can dance better than you! Cute kid, the mom is beautiful. Both of them are very talented with great attitudes, hope they become very successful! You need to check it below!

Tianne King was dancing in the studio as usual, when her adorable then-two year old daughter Heaven joined in on the Beyonce choreography. The video quickly went viral, and without surprise Ellen invited the mom-daughter dance duo to perform on her show.

Heaven and her mom, Tianne King, meet Ellen DeGeneres for the first time and talk about their viral video «Beyonce Dance 2 Year Old Kills Choreography». These days, it’s next to impossible to steal the spotlight from the cultural icon Beyoncé, but the dancing mother-daughter duo of Tianne and Heaven King are here to show that it can be done.

Prepare to have your heart stolen by a pint-sized little girl named Heavenwho has pure, unadulterated talent. Oh, and charisma. And best of all — confidence! The little girl first hit the spotlight and has racked up at least two million views on YouTube thanks to a clip of her at 2 years old dancing with her mom, dance teacher Tianne King, to Beyonce’s «End of Time.»

It’s obvious why: Not only is she outrageously adorable, but she can actually follow some serious hip-hop choreography! No wonder that after seeing the clip, Ellen DeGeneres invited Tianne and little Heaven on her show, and the now-3-year-old completely stole the stage all over again! Ahh, so cute!

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