Man Steps Up To Mic With Rendition Of «Hallelujah»! It’s Leaving Everyone With Chills!


He is amazing! What a rich sounding instrument!

It was so clear, so pristine, unbelievably beautiful! Keep it up man, you’ll be immortal! So lovely to how much confidence he has gained!

Wow! I got goose bumps. Very well done! I was so glad when I stumbled across his music again! I have been wondering where he went! When the man sings — time stops, simple as that!

If you’ve logged into the Internet in the last ten years, then, chances are, you’ve heard a variety of renditions of Leonard Cohen’s hit song, «Hallelujah.» Even though every artist brings their own special flare to the tune, the way British tenor Jonathan Antoine sings the lyrics is absolutely breathtaking. Jonathan’s perfectly balanced voice filled the recording room as a smile spread across his face. Watching Jonathan do what he loves is more than inspirational!

While we all know «Hallelujah» was originally written by Leonard Cohen all the way back in 1984, not many of us know the song’s true history. Even after Leonard released his song, the track failed to gain attention until another artist tried their hand. Surprisingly, «Hallelujah» achieved little critical success originally, until Jeff Buckley released his own cover.

Since being made famous by Buckley, the song’s popularity has exploded. Leonard can smile down from Heaven knowing more than 300 artists have released their very own covered versions. His song has even been featured in the major motion film, Shrek. Now it’s time for Jonathan to shoot his shot with «Hallelujah.» Would the world react favorably? Or would they strike down his performance?

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