Little Girl Adorably Makes Prince William Break The Royal Protocol On Live TV


Bravo, Prince William! I love princes William and Harry .

William was a good at sport and princess Diana did a good job in making sure they would never be stuffy royals as prince William proved last night!

Kate looked kind of embarrassed when William started to gallop. Then she pretended to clap. Inside she was probably thinking ‘I can’t believe he did that!’

The Duchess of Cambridge appeared in good health wearing a beautiful red dress, holding the Royal baby boy joined by Prince William as they presented the new member of the Royal family to the world.

Prince William was by his wife’s side when their royal baby was delivered by staff at the London hospital. He later left St Mary’s Hospital to pick up Prince George and Princess Charlotte to let them meet their baby brother. Confident Princess Charlotte adorably waved at the crowd as she arrived at the Lindo Wing at the London hospital with her brother Prince George.

The Royal siblings later returned home after meeting their newborn baby brother. As he left, the Duke told reporters he was «very happy, very delighted, thank you». He added: «Thrice the worry now.» And to reporters, he said: «We didn’t keep you waiting too long this time.»

‘What a legend!’ Viewers heap praise on Prince William as he gamely mimics Miranda Hart’s signature GALLOP during the Royal Variety Performance – leaving Kate in stitches. When you’re a royal, you have a strict protocol to follow. You have to act and dress a certain way. Meghan Markle will soon find out that being a princess means you have to act proper and poised at all times, especially when you’re in the public eye more so than usual.

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