Dad Tries To Teach Daughter How To Count To 5, But She’s Created Her Own Version!


So funny!

She got some point! The father realized he lost the argument so he pushed her over! This made my day!

He is beyond adorable. I just love her sassy personality! She’s learning from a young age to argue about nothing!)

When he pushed her over at the end I lost it! That Little Angel is going to be a main person in her future family! Enjoy it!

It’s important to teach your kids how to think outside of the box. By introducing new ways of looking at things, you create connections which foster creativity and free-thinking. It’s a way to find the path of least resistance and to find loopholes to understand better.

It’s the learned ability to see things differently, to generates tolerance and to see the bigger picture in an ever-changing world that is constantly expanding. It’s a way to approach learning, understanding and thinking on the spot.

But before you get too far, there are a couple of things you have to know first, like counting to 5. While this little girl sure can think outside of the box, once she nails her numbers, then she can be the wildly imaginative, sassy human she is! After all, you have to know the rules like a pro before you can break the rules like an artist.

This a hilarious video of a wee thing showing dad she can count. They’re walking through a parking lot on a sunny day, discussing life while mom’s got the camera out. The girl and dad are engrossed in a heated debate on the controversial subject of counting. She’s got it all sorted out, adamant that she knows what she’s doing, except she’s just missing one thing – the number four.

While dad, a teacher, tries to tell her she’s doing it wrong, she stands her ground. “No, it’s 1..2…3…5!” she claims, holding all her fingers up. “NO,” he retorts. “It’s 1…2…3…FOUUUURRRR…5…” But, she doesn’t give up. She looks straight at him and stomps her little foot with her arms waving and her two tiny buns on the top of her head bobbing around.

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