Couple Sings Soulful Duet Of “One Day” In The Car. And Their Baby Is Ecstatic To Hear It!


I can’t stop watching these sweet faces and listening to their angelic voices! I’m mesmerized by the love they have for each other and the love they’re surrounding their baby with.

She looks up at her daddy with pure bliss and knows she’s safe in her mother’s arms. Thank you for bringing joy to me and countless others. God bless you guys so so so much!

Music has to be one of the most soothing and calming forms of therapy and relaxation. If you’r having a rough day, it’s seamless to just turn on your favorite tracks and lounge in your room—this will instantly calm you down and make you feel better.

But music is also known to enhance learning in babies, and actually helps them make different types of connections with their brains. With that being said then, the video shared in this post has a baby enjoying some quality time with her favorite music—and it isnt’ playing on the radio!

The young couple in the video are seen singing a song called “One Day”—it has a very positive and powerful message that many will love to listen to! They have magnificent chemistry and the song turns out absolutely beautiful. The mother is singing the song in perfect pitch whereas the father is not only singing along but also making some awesome beats as well!

But we think it’s really worthy to pay attention to the little baby girl sitting in her mother’s lap. As the parents sing and record their performance, from a parked car, the baby is ecstatic as she listens to her parents’ vocals.

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