Claire Sings To Daddy With Brand New Song And It’s Putting The Internet In Tears!


I love how she squeezes her eyes when she hits a low or high note! Omg, this is freaking cute!

Claire is such a beautiful little singer and has been blessed with such a special talent.

Her voice is so unique and it really touched my heart! Awesome father daughter duo! Claire, you are a very special little girl — don’t ever stop singing, girl!

There’s no denying little Claire Ryann Crosby is a star in the making. From the time she was a toddler, she and her parents would record, edit and release a variety of adorable music videos. Within hours, every video would garner millions of views!

Obviously, her videos in the past have melted hearts across the globe — but there’s something special about her most recent video «A Million Dreams» from the hit musical The Greatest Showman with her father, Dave. Now their latest duet is going totally viral online, and once you hear their rendition of the fun tune for yourself, you’ll understand why!

Claire may be a child, but she certainly understands how to command a camera lens. The way she performs with Dad while singing her heart out is something veteran musicians do — not little girls! From the time she was a baby, Mom and Dad sang to Claire, watched musicals together and learned new instruments.

Music was an important part of Mom and Dad’s life before Claire arrived, so when their family grew with her birth, they knew they had to keep music a priority. There was no way their child would grow up without a song in their heart!

While Claire is a world-famous singer now and has been featured on programs like The Ellen Show, The Voice and Good Morning Britain, things weren’t always this chaotic. In an interview with GeekWire, Dave admitted that his daughter’s sudden fame has been a whirlwind — but one he’s thrilled to be a part of!

«I thought, ‘This is awesome, I’m gonna start a YouTube channel with my daughter.’ Our first video goes viral. I just posted it on my Facebook wall and we had this crazy experience — she goes on some talk shows and all that stuff and basically our YouTube channel is born.

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