Cats are so good at being humans that you won’t stop laughing at THIS! Funny compilation!


Cats are very clever and know exactly how to wrap their human carers around their little paws and doing exactly what they want them to do. These cats were so funny. It is exactly how there humans act. Only thing is where is the cat holding a bottle of beer. It was hilarious!

These cats are so good at being humans, they will convince you in the funniest ways ever – this hilarious video is filled with so much cuteness and laughter, you will love ever second of it – It’s just TOO good! Some cats like to lay in hammocks, some cats like to sit at tables, eat like humans and do all sorts of weird things – that’s what makes them cats, but it’s also what makes us human… This video is just hilarious!

Cats are unlike their canine counterparts – they are known to be highly intelligent and independent, even though they do love a treat or an occasional pat. It is all up to the cat’s personality, of course! But behind their ‘unloving’ facade, cats are actually very sweet in their own way – like these cats who are caught on tape mimicking human actions!

What you’d never expect to happen has now came true – cats are now taking our place! Here, you’ll see cats sitting at the table and acting like humans going about in their daily activities! This is akin to the movie ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’! Here are some cats behaving like humans. Watch these funny videos of funny cats acting like humans in this cat videos compilation.

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