Baby’s Trying To Crawl – Mom Bursts Out Laughing!)


This is a very adorable video! I just can not stop laughing! They are a good team! This doggy knows what to do!

How many examples of the dog’s teaching do you know? All in all — check this one! Because this golden retriever wants to teach the owner’s baby to crawl! It sounds very cute, isn’t it? So you really need to check this video below and don’t forget to enjoy it!)

When this little girl was having trouble getting the hang of the whole crawling thing, her dog Buddy graciously offered to help. Watch as he carefully demonstrates the proper crawling technique — and then watch the baby’s eyes light up with genuine awe and wonderment.

There’s nothing more infectious than a baby’s laughter… This adorable baby boy will definitely brighten up your day with his infectious laughter. This sweet little baby is on the floor and doing her very best to become more mobile to explore the world around her. Mom is coaxing her along knowing that she is almost there to figure out how to crawl. But her dogs are also taking notice.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but maybe a dog can teach a baby some. Join Kathie Lee and Hoda as they watch adorable video of a cute pup trying to teach an infant how to crawl.

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