Baby Suddenly Turns To Give Mom & Dad Formal Greeting!


Wow! That’s one cool baby! I am sure this baby will be a super star!)

I felt happy watching this video! We need to tell that this future human is strong and  already beautiful! And that baby is going to be a cool kid in school! I am glad everything is well with this baby.

One of the most momentous doctor’s appointment for parents-to-be is when they finally lay eyes on that precious little blessing that’s been doing back flips and karate kicks in Mom’s tummy. Mom can feel the baby fluttering, but for some parents, it’s not until the ultrasound is done that everything seems so much more “real.”

Thanks to modern technology, parents-to-be stare intently at the screen, identifying whose nose the baby has, whose eyes the baby inherited. Ultrasounds are no longer black and white flat images of a bean, but amazingly detailed three-dimensional and four-dimensional highly detailed images.

Lucy Bearley and Stuart Barrett were so excited to have their baby’s ultrasound done at 28 weeks gestation. The little boy is the couple’s first baby. Considering how active the baby had been so far, they were anticipating a wriggling little bundle of joy to appear on the screen. What they didn’t expect to see was an attention seeking, limelight loving baby who likely will keep them on their toes for years to come.

These parents were in for a shocking sight upon a closer look at the ultrasound. Even crazier is that the baby went viral before he was even born! Because she was lying on her side during the ultrasound, Lucy didn’t first catch the baby’s on-camera antics, but Stuart did. He swore the baby did something so surprising that he asked the ultrasound technician to rewind the video.

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