Baby Hears His Mom’s Voice For The Very First Time!


This is the most matured reaction coming from a baby ever! I am so happy to the mom and her baby! Hope they both health! That’s probably the cutest baby!

This is the purest thing I’ve ever watched! Cuteness overload!

I cried watching this. I have a very weak heart for babies. So watch this video below and try not to cry!

There are plenty of heartwarming hearing implant videos on the internet, but this one is particularly magical. Hunter had not heard his mom’s voice since he was born. However, modern technology changed his life forever. He was fitted with hearing aids on February 8 and mom didn’t forget to capture this beautiful moment of her son hearing her voice for the first time.

According to her mom, blogger Christy Keane, baby Charly was born «profoundly deaf.» In this truly heartwarming video, you’ll see this precious child responding to her mom’s voice for the first time ever through the miracle of hearing aids. Charly gets quite emotional and seems unsure whether to smile or cry. Who can blame her?

On Instagram, Keane writes, «We didn’t think she would hear anything so this was more incredible than I can put in to words.» Christy Keane’s daughter Charly was born deaf. She’s still an infant, but recently got hearing aids. We’ve seen older children and adults get emotional when they hear sound for the first time, but Charly is so young, she doesn’t understand what’s happening or how to react. Her facial expressions are precious.

She’s instantly delighted, then confused, then a little scared, then delighted again. She never takes her eyes off her Mommy, though, so you know she’s going be alright. It’s a viral video that’s melting hearts around the world — a deaf baby from Virginia Beach hearing her Mom’s voice for the first time.

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