Baby Boy Dances Like Crazy When Dad Beatboxes!


Baby’s got a rhythm! The way the baby moves his head side to side when his dad beats boxes is the most amazing part of their cute clip!

This is the best video on YouTube! You must watch it! So great!

I have watched this over and over and over and over… any time I need to smile or feel good I just watch this video! Second half is better! You need to enjoy!

This adorable baby boy can’t help but smile when his dad starts to beatbox. He is so into the music and waits very expectantly for his dad to drop the beat. You can see that the baby is using the sign language hand motion for the word ‘more’ every time his dad stops singing. A love for music definitely run in the family at this house!

This baby boy can’t wait for his dad to drop the beat. Bronkar Lee and his 19-month-old son, Elijah, have an impressive beatbox session in this precious Facebook video going viral, which the baby’s parents refer to as “highchair babybeats.”

“Our view is that music is just simply another language. That’s all it is,” Lee, a professional musician, told ABC News. “That moment is happening all the time at our house.” Bronkar Lee and his wife, Cyndi Lee, a professional songwriter, said they are playing music around Elijah constantly.

“I remember the first time we incorporated him into a song we tied little bells around his ankles and he was in a bouncy seat clicking his legs along to the music. He was maybe 3 months clicking along to the rhythm,” said Cyndi Lee.

“He gets it 100 percent. No question about it,” Bronkar Lee added of their son. “He sings with us on key. He understands. He’s cultivating his motor skills. He’s very aware of what’s happening.” The family from Atlanta, Georgia, said Elijah is exposed to music “every single day” and it helps the baby boy fall asleep.

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