Andy Kaufman Came Onstage To Impersonate Elvis Presley. I Can’t Stop Laughing!


Great job! The best comedian ever!

I gotta love the screaming girls in the audience! Andy Kaufman was incredible and way ahead of most comedy acts from that time. The most underrated misunderstood comedian of all time!

Wonderful show! Kaufman is using Elvis’s exact dialogue and lines from live appearances. And what really  impresses is the fact that Andy is singing Elvis’s songs very similar to Elvis’s younger years!

Andy Kaufman does his Elvis Presley impersonation and sings Elvis’ hits «Love Me» and «Blue Suede Shoes». This was Andy Kaufman’s first appearance on the «Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson» in 1977.

This video is a blast-from-the-past that will leave you in a fit of laughter. Andy Kaufman was one of the most amazing performers that we ever had the chance to witness. When he was invited on The Johnny Carson Show in 1977, he did an extraordinary routine impersonating none other than The King Of Rock & Roll.

Elvis Presley himself was rumored to have several tapes of Andy’s performances with him. He even considered Kaufman’s impersonation as one of his absolute favorites of all time. Kaufman sang Elvis’ hits “Love Me” and “Blue Suede Shoes” and he did a fabulous job of imitating him.

May 16, 1984, was a meaningful day for a number of reasons. To give one example, that was the day I took my last college final exam on my way to graduation that weekend. May 16, 1984 is also the day that Andy Kaufman died.

Andy was an entertainer who was usually lumped with other comedians. Andy, though, was much more than a comedian. The term “performance art” had not yet been coined when Andy was at the peak of his career, but one could argue that Andy invented performance art.

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