2 Year-Old Listening To Daddy Sing Mimics Him And Internet Can’t Get Enough!


Good job!  She’s so cute! Hahaha!

It’s a small singer! Nice to see an actual american sings the Star Spangled Banner! Her attempt is more accurate then mine! So watch and listen to the clip below and enjoy!

Imitation is an essential learning tool for toddlers. From words and sounds they hear to gestures and behavior they notice on people around them, small children pick up on more than we can ever think off.

The parents of the adorable toddler in the video below never expected for her two-year-old to start singing at such a young age. But after hearing his dad prepare for an audition to sing the National Anthem for a local baseball team in Iowa, the baby did just that.

Maddy Dellaca loves to listen to her daddy sing. he precious two-year-old from Iowa pays very close attention to the tunes her dad practices and then uses for his auditions. But when mom Chelsea overheard Maddy giving a star-studded performance of the Star Spangled Banner to an invisible crowd of fans, mom had to capture it on video and share it.

She is just the cutest thing! Of course, she’s so delightful with her stage presence that the video has since gone viral. Maddy’s patriotism rings true with her rousing rendition of this American song.

Maddy can be seen clutching her toy microphone and belting out most of the patriotic ditty. Ever since Maddy heard her dad practice it for an audition to sing at an Iowa Cubs baseball game this season, she sings it all the time, even asking her brother to join in with her.

Chelsea said Maddy will begin singing the song at random times. The up and coming superstar doesn’t fully nail every single word, which is understandable considering that she is just two years old.

She doesn’t always pronounce all of the words properly either. But she is so absolutely adorable and still manages to follow the tune of the song that it’s a joy to watch her throw herself into her performance. Her mom just loves listening to her sing around the house.

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