Talented 14-year-old girl made the judges cry with her «Believe»


No words! I’m crying. She sings so beautiful!

I can watch this performance 1000 times and every time I love it more and every time I watch it I cry like a baby.

This young girl is incredibly talented and she has got such a deep and pure soul. She knows how to touch the hearts and when you listen to her performance you can feel every word and every note, as it soaks into your skin.

She has such a beautiful voice and she is so pretty. I am so speechless because she is only 14 and she really deserves that golden buzzer.

If you watch talent shows on TV often, you’re probably well aware that it takes a performance that’s truly amazing to impress the judges.

The following performance you’re about to see did more than just impress the judges though. It literally brought them to tears.

I cant stop myself from watching this video over and over again…she is so amazing!

The performer that brought the judges to tears? A 14-year-old girl named Jasmine Elcock.

She deserves it!

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