Powerful tribute to late mother on ‘America’s Got Talent’


What a beautiful and memorable performance! It made me cry…

OMG! This performance has got everything to be successful: beautiful voices, great talents, touching lyrics and lots of pure and true emotions.

These siblings sound really good together. It was a very powerful message and you could tell they were singing from their hearts. It takes a lot to make an audience feel what you want them to feel and they did just that.

This song moved me so much. I hope this family goes far, not just in this competition, but their lives as well.

Inspired by their father’s sibling band, trio We Three formed when they were mere kids.

They spent their early years engaged in private music lessons, but pooled their talents and took the stage for numerous local performances in their home state of Oregon.

Siblings Joshua, 27, sits at the drums and keyboard while Bethany, 24, and Manny, 21, sing and strum guitars.

Their parents helped them assemble their band and their mom, who had a beautiful voice, even lent a helping hand with their dad’s band long ago.

Sadly, they lost their mother so she hasn’t been able to watch her children grow musically and enjoy their success. The siblings wrote an original piece as a tribute to their mom called «Heaven’s Not Too Far Away.»

What a touching performance!

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