Parents Show Off Their Killer Dance Moves And The Internet Is Loving It!


I do not know how I came to this video! But I love it so much! I stay here with them in the dancing!

Under their video, these guys said: ‘Enjoying some time dancing with our baby, we can’t wait to have her with us!’ And it is great!

They dance super well! I hope that later they will teach how to dance their future child! The boy or girl will be very beautiful, but the other thing that will also be very cool couple dancer!

Who doesn’t love a bit of dancing every now and then? Well, maybe a bit more frequently than just “now and then”, I’m sure, but the point is that everyone loves to dance! I’m one of those people who enjoys dance as a hobby, and when I see others enjoying their dancing moments, it puts a huge smile on my face.

So the video shared below definitely put the biggest smile on my face and you’ll see exactly why. Gemma Marin and Israel Duffus are soon-to-be-parents who have some epic dance  moves under their belt. They’re expecting a beautiful baby girl and to celebrate, the couple shows off some merengue dance moves.

You can see great chemistry between the mom and dad, and even all the fun that they’re having—their expressions say it all! The merengue dance moves and the Spanish music really makes you bob your head, tap your feet, and want to get your dancing groove on immediately!

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