‘I Saw God Today’ — George Strait! This is real music!


So cool! Love this song so much!

Sometimes I have a lot of questions about things that happen in life, and when I sit down and think about them I understand there are things that just can’t be explained unless someone had planned them.

And this song tells about it so much! And it is right! Now this is real music; music with meaning, purpose and positivity! Enjoy it below!

Music video for George Strait’s song, «I Saw God Today». Hope you enjoy it! «I Saw God Today» is a song written by Rodney Clawson, Monty Criswell and Wade Kirby, and recorded by American country music artist George Strait. It was released in February 2008 as the lead single from his album Troubadour.

The song debuted at number 19 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, giving Strait the highest chart debut of his career, as well as his 43rd Billboard Number One. The song is part of the track list for Now That’s What I Call Country. «I Saw God Today» won Single of the Year at the 2008 CMA Awards.

The song is a mid-tempo ballad in which the lead character is walking down the sidewalk after his wife has just had a baby, meanwhile noticing such things as a flower growing out of a crack in the sidewalk, a couple who are expecting a baby and the colors of a sunset.

Finally, the song ends with the central character in the nursery of a hospital, looking at his own newborn baby girl.  He cites each thing that he sees along the way — the flower, the couple, the sunset and his newborn daughter — as examples of how he saw God that day.

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