The Judges Couldn’t Stop Crying When She Started Singing This Song! So SAD And Touching!


Kelly’s emotions run as high as her vocals while performing her intimately personal song «Piece by Piece». I really prefer this version to the original one! And she’s so much professional and rolled with it. Sign of a true professional!

Kelly Clarkson, she is the original and greatest American Idol. Stupendously talented, gifted songwriter and genius performer. And also: Well done that pianist too. Seamlessly kept up.

Kelly Clarkson made an unforgettable appearance on American Idol’s final season. Singing one of her originally written songs, Piece by Piece on her latest Piece by Piece album that was released in February of 2015 Clarkson allowed some of her emotions and a few of her hormones from her pregnancy to be seen during the last performance she will ever have a chance to give on the American Idol competition.

You will be astonished with the combination of Kelly’s vocals and the way the song itself is composed of very strong and moving words. This type of merge will leave any listener with a strong sense of heartfelt emotion toward the events that take place within the lyrics. The audience and judges were all in the same state of mood as Clarkson was for the performance. Each judge and most of the audience were in tears as the song came to an end. Please share this with your friends!

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