Simon Stops 21-Year-Old’s Singing Audition!


That last note she sang hit me in the soul!

I trust Simon when it comes to a real singer, he knows how to make them rise to their fullest potential! She sounds great!

Yoli is good… I really like her voice! ‘Make It Rain’ was the right song for Yoli. I swear, when Simon stops an act I cringe so hard!

Lifelong singer Yoli Mayor may have stumbled at first, but wows the crowd and the judges with her rendition of Ed Sheeran’s «Make It Rain.» 21-year-old Yoli Mayor has been singing since she was a young girl. Today, she is following her dreams all the way to the America’s Got Talent stage.

But when she started her audition, Simon stopped her almost immediately. He felt that she needed a different song and even a different, more age-appropriate look. And when Yoli starts to sing ‘Make It Rain’ you could feel the change in the air. Now this is an audition to remember!

Can you believe America’s Got Talent is in its 12th season? On competitions like these, with judges like Simon, the talent has to be top notch. One thing about Simon is that he’s always looking for the total package, especially when it comes to singers.

That means your voice and your look has to speak to your identity as an artist. Otherwise, the judge will pick you apart as being too cliché or inauthentic. With that being said, they love seeing someone who’s different! Contestant Yoli Mayor walked onto the stage ready for her audition.

The 21-year-old singer looked beautiful in her gown and jewels as she introduced herself to judges Simon, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel. Yoli told the judges she’d been singing since age 2, but when Simon asked Yoli her current age and she said 21, he seemed shocked. He happily wished her good luck.

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