Grooving granny’s dance moves go viral!


I think I love her! She dances like Ellen Degeneres. I would be happy if Ellen had her on her show!

Maybe she is having a blast and she got the beat!

Every old person was once a young person. She still has the moves! She is great! She proves, in order to get up, you must get down! I wouldn’t say «funny», I’d say AWESOME!

This grooving granny is having the time of her life and now the whole internet is talking. When the Eurythmics’ hit song ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)’ started to play at the stadium, this woman couldn’t help but dance along. And before too long, she became the show that everyone wanted to see.

Just watch as she grooves along to the music and takes the spotlight. It’s obvious that this granny is having a great time and her happiness is truly contagious. She is living proof that age is nothing but a number.

I truly hope I’m half as energetic as this woman when I get to be her age. What do you think about this granny’s dance? This lady certainly has some moves and I would have loved to join in on this dance party! While a street performer was playing a song on the electric guitar, this grandma decided that she wanted in on the fun too!

She quickly joined in and started dancing to the beat of the music. She had a grand old time getting her groove on while this sweet man kept strumming. You couldn’t wipe that smile off her face if you tried, she looked like she was having a blast. It takes so much courage to just let lose and enjoy yourself like that, go granny go!

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