See rare glimpse inside Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch, as it goes on sale for $100million


I think that they cannot sale it! It’s like ancient! Because the biggest pop star in the world owned this house! But I would buy Michael Jackson’s house if I were a millionaire for sure I would and then I would make it into a museum.

But I am not a millionaire! This is a gorgeous home and you can see it in the video below! Enjoy!

Fans have been given a rare glimpse inside Michael Jackson ‘s famous Neverland ranch, as it goes on sale for a whopping $100million. Money is good!!! Late Micheal Jackson ‘s stunning Las Vegas rented mansion has hit the market — giving fans a first glimpse inside his extravagant lifestyle.

The superstar’s famous complex is on the market more than six years after his death, and now fans have been given a virtual tour around all the features, with everything from the empty theatre to the floral clock revealed.

The ranch, which spreads across 2,700-acres in Los Olivos, California, is officially named Sycamore Valley Ranch, but it was re-named the Neverland Ranch and was the former home of the King of Pop. Now NBC’s Joe Fryer has given fans a glimpse inside the ranch, as potential buyers begin to line up.

Jackson bought the ranch in 1987 for $19.5million, but he slowly transformed it into a huge amusement park — adding major value to it. There was of course a six-bedroom mansion in the centre where he lived. Colony Capital eventually bought the property for $22.5million before his death in 2009, when he was in default on a loan.

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