Goofy dog flashes hilarious smile for camera!


Mom asks dog to smile – the whole family can’t stop laughing

Aww so cute, I love this face, the border collie is very sweet!

That dog has a better smile than me! Just look at these pretty clean teeth!

He/she looks as mad as a hatter. But he’s a real character! This doggy can teach us how to smile for a camera and look pretty good at the same time in this moment!!! So watch it below!

If you have not checked your watch and calendar, we will drop you a little secret – times have changed. Modern times call for some pretty amazing modern dogs with a developed sense of self, a charismatic personality and a brilliantly hilarious way to show it.

This dog knows how to pose for a picture, and it’s hilarious! His owner keeps telling him to smile for the camera, and every time he tries to smile, it gets funnier and funnier! This dog has learned an interesting team-she knows how to smile at the request of its owner.

Many people, watching their pet, sometimes see human emotions: frostbite eyes and a sincere smile. However, any specialist, studying the habits of dogs can only say one thing: “the Dog can experience joyful positive emotions, as a person, but expresses them through the tail, jumping and barking”!

Then what does the smile of a dog mean?! This neoplasm says only that your pet has learned to imitate your emotions or behavior! Do not believe, then watch your pet or ask “breeders” about this feature. And you learn that if you smile often, then the dog can copy your facial expressions, if you take the same posture, then the dog will try to sit humanly and even hug the shoulders…

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