Young man cracks Cowell at «America’s Got Talent». Wow!


This man is the best I have ever seen! It’s called talent!

I’m laughing all day and really can’t stop. I’m just in love with this performance. Peter Griffin is my favorite. And I wasn’t absolutely expecting him to do Simon’s voice. Wow!

That is really great that there are still people who try to bring some positive emotions to others and just make them laugh and smile. As someone said «laughter prolongs life». So we should all be thankful to those people who really help us live longer. Besides this video can easily brighten your day. So watch it and stay positive!

When you go on a show like America’s Got Talent, the pressure is on. You are not only performing in front of the judges, hoping to get approved to go on to the next round, but you are also performing in front of the live audience, your competitors, and the rest of America viewing at home.

So when Daniel Ferguson stepped onto the stage, hailing from the relatively unknown town of Youngstown Ohio, the judges and the audience didn’t know what to expect.

Daniel is only 23 years old. He works as a Sales Representative for a few radio stations in Ohio, and he came on to America’s Got Talent to sing a song for the judges.

After some advice from Mel B, Daniel gets ready to take the stage.

The judges probably thought, “Here comes another singer.” Heidi Klum voices this sentiment aloud, saying, “I hope he’s good” moments before Daniel begins his performance.

But as the first lyrics to the song play, Daniel’s true talent quickly emerges. And the reaction from the judges, audience, and viewers from America was probably synonymous.

But Daniel’s talent doesn’t just stop at impersonating Goofy. Check out the video below to see Simon’s reaction.


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