10 things we probably didn’t know about hilarious Jeanne Robertson!


She is precious! I just love watching her videos!

I do wish I could see her in person.  Like the fact she doesn’t need to curse! Who is the one person who does not think this is funny?

That’s cool! She brings such joy to the world with her wonderful gift of humour! This was just too funny!

Such a grand Lady! Check her videos below!

Jeanne Robertson has been stealing the stage for years as a witty Christian humorist who tells stories based on her life experiences. Always one to look for the humor in every situation, Jeanne has a knack for finding situations to poke fun at that we are all able to relate! Most charming about her style is the way she is able to embelish a story to weave the perfect imagery while maintaining family-friendly content.

Since posting a Youtube a few years back, Jeanne has found a new generational audience to connect with and is loving every minute of it.  Here are 10 things you might not know about Jeanne!

10. Jeanne Robertson Says She Isn’t A ‘Comedian’.
Technically speaking, funny woman Jeanne Robertson isn’t a comedian, she’s a humorist. “There’s a big difference between comedy and humor,” says 69-year-old Robertson in a southern drawl drenched with gentility. “Humor is not about one-liners or being able to tell jokes. It’s about accepting things about yourself that can’t be changed and finding the humor in situations around you. Things happen on a daily basis that are really funny, but people often let the funny stuff get away, either because they don’t notice it as funny, or they don’t make it a priority to look for it.”

Watch more videos HERE!

«The humorist weaves the longer stories with a point. We don’t go ‘after’ anybody. I’m telling my life!»

9. Jeanne Robertson — A Commanding Presence.
At 6’2” Jeanne Robertson was the tallest contestant to compete in the Miss America Pageant. Still to this day, she continues to hold that record!  Not only is Jeanne tall, but she reached this height by the age of 13!. Her sisters, Katherine and Andrea were no where near Jeanne’s height (neither was her mother at 5’5″!).  But thankfully, Jeanne’s mother taught her a valuable lesson that life is all about perspective and how you choose to tackle the situation!

8. Jeanne Robertson — Grandma’s Gone Viral.
Jeanne does all her own social media. After seeing how influential her Youtube presence was, Jeanne decided to jump with both feet into the water. She jokes to her Generation ““What are y’all afraid of?”

Jeanne is proud to share that as a 70+ female, she is mastering the art of technology. But she’s well aware that sometimes the terminology can lead to misunderstandings. «Honey, do you want to Twitter tonight?” Jeanne asked her husband. “I don’t think so, Jeanne.  I’m tired…and I’d have to take a shower, » Jerry («L.B.») quickly replied.

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