That baby boy laughs for the first time EVER, and dad’s reaction is… You must see!


This guy sounds like a Jamaican. This is so cute, you both had us crackin up!

This is INCREDIBLE!! Dad’s in for the surprise of his life when his little baby boy LOLs (you know, laughs out loud) for the first time, ever. The baby is just so cute, happy and giggly that his dad cannot control himself from laughing even harder than he is! What a great moment to capture on video, and what a loving father. I’m so happy for these two! I can only imagine what mom is thinking as she’s filming this moment (other than hoping the camera’s battery doesn’t die!).

As a parent, you experience plenty of “firsts” with your child, but nothing is better than a first you can share together!

This father and baby experience their first laugh with one another and they just can’t stop! As soon as mom sees the special moment that’s happening between the two, she quickly runs and grabs the camera! Let me warn you: their laughter is contagious! What a beautiful moment to capture on film!

A heartwarming YouTube video captures a father and three-month-old baby in a fit of laughter together. Held under the arms and bounced up and down, the infant is the first to start giggling.

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