Her heartbreaking wish to see daughter’s first day at school after 11 yrs defying odds against cancer


This story makes me cry. I feel desperately sorry for her. I truly hope she can have more time with her beautiful little girl. What a heartbreaking story of a young Mummy.

My thoughts and are prayers are for you Emma and hope they do find you alternative treatment. Wonderful woman and mother! Read the story below!

Emma Thomspon, 42, was told her cancer treatment would make her infertile but she defied the odds to give birth to little Emily.  A mum who fought cancer while she was pregnant despite being told she could never have a baby is desperate to see her little girl’s first day at school.

Emma Thompson, 42, defied all odds to give birth to little Emily, now two, but her time could be running out. She was diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer in 2007 aged 31, putting her plans to get married on hold.

Cathie Turner, her older sister, told Essex Live : «Emma could be told any day that the current treatment isn’t working, and options are limited. «There is so much I could say about my amazing, beautiful sister as she has been battling this cruel disease for years now.

«She wants to create memories for Emily. They have such a lovely bond and you can see that when they are together.» After undergoing invasive chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, she was told the treatment would probably make her infertile.

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