Dad works 3 jobs to buy daughter dream dress for 8th grade dance!


This man is a real man! We are so proud!)))

Her taste in clothes is amazing, but her taste in parents is much better! Please, someone help her geat man and dad to give a good job. He deserves it! My respect to him!

His sacrifice for the family is amazing, and people like he never go unrewarded! This dad is a special guy! Hopefully ONE of his three managers will look at this video and see his dedicated work ethic!

Like many families, the Smiths in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, live paycheck to paycheck. Dad Ricky Smith works three jobs, McDonald’s, Popeye’s, and Circle K, just to make ends meet. While Ricky’s hard work keeps the family’s basic needs met, there isn’t a lot left in the budget for the types of things that are important to pre-teen girls.

That’s why Ricky’s daughter, Nevaeha, was feeling pretty low about the 8th-grade formal dance that was coming up. While Nevaeha had been out shopping with her dad, she stumbled upon the perfect dress for the big dance.

The two-piece dress fit the young lady like a dream, and she felt confident and proud when she put it on. The only problem was the dress’s price tag, which was almost $200. “I looked at the price and I was like, ahh, not really sure, but let me see what I can do,” Ricky explained.

His daughter was heartbroken to leave the dress behind on the rack, but Ricky decided right then and there that he’d work extra hard, behind the scenes, to make his daughter’s wish come true.

Instead of calling in a fairy godmother, Ricky went to his employers and asked for as many extra hours as they could give him. He went without himself in order to save up those extra dollars, and then he secretly went back to the store and bought Nevaeha’s dress. But he didn’t tell her that.

Instead, Ricky fibbed and told his daughter that her grandmother had unearthed some old, stuffy dress from the back of her closet. He arranged for Nevaeha to meet him at McDonald’s, where he was working that day, so that she could see the “grandma” dress for the first time.

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