Baby laughing hysterically at coconut! Hahaha!


Try not to laugh! This is so cute! I hope all children in the entire world will be happy like this little hero from the video below!

There’s nothing more infectious than a baby’s laughter… This adorable baby boy will definitely brighten up your day with his infectious laughter. Watch this without laughing. It’s impossible! Babies are some of the most adorable things in the world. They spread a lot of joy into their parents’ and family’s life.

They also bring smiles to whoever they meet—they’re that magical. They’re called bundles of joy for a reason! They are cute, and they keep constantly alert! They can also be very entertaining. They can keep you amused for hours and make you smile without any effort.

Babies can really cry your ear off, but every time they smile, it makes up for everything. A baby’s laughter is really one of the best sounds in the world. As a matter of fact, there is rarely anything more contagious that a baby’s laughter. And this sweet boy is the perfect example. He is surely going to make your day with his cute giggles! This little guy is named Sixten, and the way he cracks up and giggles at his mom is going really viral!

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