Adorable quadruplets’s laughing! So funny!


The coolest video ever!

Awwww, these smiles are for everyone! Here we have maybe the funniest home video! And that table for their seats is pretty amazing. I have never seen one like it before!

The dad and his four twin babies are laughing in a very cute way! I just can’t stop watching it! Someone, please, stop it!) So check their clip below too!

Having four babies at the same time would be an overwhelming thought for most people — but for Allison and Steve Mathias, their quadruplet girls were the blessing of lifetime! Every second was filled with a sense of appreciation and life experience!

From diaper changes to bedtime, there was never a dull moment inside their home! Such was the case when it was time to eat dinner with the girls — Grace, Emily, Mary Claire and Anna. Allison filmed as Steve made funny faces and sounds while the girls sat in their specially made table. Every time Steve turned to one of the girls, they would burst out in laughter!

The girls could not stop cracking up over their dad’s antics. Even the adults who watched Steve found him hysterical, too. The family shared the hilarious video (as seen below) with America’s Funniest Home Videos and their family took home the $250,000 grand prize! It’s no wonder they won with all that happiness happening in one place — everyone can relate to it and it’s extremely contagious.

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