Baby Boy Laughs For The First Time EVER, And Dad’s Reaction Is PRICELESS!


Children are little rays of sunshine on this dark and gloomy earth. I hope this family can always manage to laugh together ))

 OMG made me cry how beautiful when babies do that. How could you not love such a beautiful little person. This dad is inlove with his baby. Babies bring such joy!

I’ve watched this for like a thousand time and still laughing cause it’s adorably funny and cute! There is nothing more magical than listening to a baby’s laugh….How sweet!!!

I`l laughed so hard that I had tears coming down my face!!!! The baby is simply adorable!!
Dad is cracking me up too! and I am sure Mom is having a hard time keeping a straight face………. in fact they are all laughing like crazy!!

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As a parent, you experience plenty of “firsts” with your child, but nothing is better than a first you can share together!

This father and baby experience their first laugh with one another and they just can’t stop! As soon as mom sees the special moment that’s happening between the two, she quickly runs and grabs the camera!

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