4 year old girl told her father that he didn’t understand wedding at all! So funny!


This little girl is repeating to her dad what she was told herself. She was told she wasn’t supposed to talk to anyone as she walked down the aisle as the flower girl etc.

She’s explaining to her dad the ‘rules’ as they were explained to her. She wants to teach her dad. She figures he doesn’t know how to act at a wedding. We think it’s adorable! Anyone who can’t figure that out needs to fill up on common sense!

JoJo is gonna be a flowergirl at a wedding. Don’t mess with JoJo when she’s being a flowergirl. In this video, she takes all of the precautionary measures to make sure dad doesn’t embarrass her by calling her name as she’s doing her flowergirl duties. This is serious 4-year-old-business, people.

I am sure that if you ask all the parents all over the world, they will tell you that one of their best moments is when they win against their kids. Even though the children will try as much as possible to stop the embarrassment, the parents will always find a way of winning.

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