11-year-old blows everyone away with her flawless voice


OMG! She absolutely killed it! How can someone be so talented at such a young age?

She is absolutely incredible! Her voice is so powerful that she even pushed the microphone away from her mouth like a meter away but her voice still reached it! Ohhh… poor those children who had to perform after her.

I got the chills! She made this song sound so easy, though it is quite difficult to perform. This young lady has got the most wonderful voice in the world. It’s just amazing. She has already such a great voice! Imagine her four years later now! Jesus did you send an angle down?

Even if you don’t like Beyonce’s genre or performance style, it’s easy to admit she has more talent in her pinky finger than many of us have in our whole bodies. Her voice is impressive, her fashion style is flawless and her confidence is a positive influence on today’s youth!

This trifecta of talent is why a young Croatian singer named Mia Negovetic decided to cover Beyonce’s «Listen» for her school show! Mia’s performed on The Ellen Show and Little Big Shots, but this talent show was just as nerve-wracking. Would she be able to hit Beyonce’s high notes? Or would she fall flat?

Mia has been singing since she can remember! Every Disney tune, movie soundtrack and radio hit was memorized. Singing was her passion, but the itch to perform in front of an audience was just as present. From the time she started belting songs during family gatherings, Mia’s parents knew she was meant to be a star.


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