Smart Family Dog Teaches Baby How To Roll Over!


Do you know that your family dog can teach your kids something new and helpfull for their future life? From this video you will get to know about these dog’s skills!

It is right that the baby rolled over just after the dog did it, both are so sweet and lovely, bless them! This is why it’s the perfect video to start my day! You can enjoy it too in the clip below!

The great thing about dogs (well, one of the great things about dogs) is that they’re protective of any newborn baby that comes home. Dogs are caring and loving with babies right away, and as the baby grows up, the dog’s love only grows stronger. It’s clear that this applies to the dog in the video down below, too.

The Shetland Sheepdog is known to be an affectionate and intelligent dog, and this clip only proves this fact even more. Vetstreet shared, “His gentle disposition, athleticism, and keen intelligence make him a dog who lives to please and loves to show off.” Considering how the video starts off, which we’ll talk more about in a second, the fact that they like to show off is obvious.

The dog’s name is Link, and he is not short of adorable! (He’s not short on smarts, either.) This clever dog teaches a baby how to roll over! The video begins with Link rolling over, left to right, and when he settles down, he looks at the baby, Holland.

Meanwhile, Holland, who’s only two months old, is looking at him while she lays on her belly. Just a few seconds after witnessing Link roll over, Holland, in her adorable onesie, flips herself onto her back! While it’s only half a roll, we’re impressed that she emulated his actions at all!

Mom, who’s recording, captures the action, and she’s as shocked as we are. She says, “Oh my goodness!” She looks at her dog and says, “Good boy, Link!” and then she bends down to tickle Holland’s tummy and says, “Good girl, Holland!” She bends down further, and touches her cheek, and says, “You’re so smart!” Holland is such a cute baby, and we agree with her mother, she issmart. She’s clearly impressed, and we’re glad that she shared this moment with the world.

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