Single Mom Distraught Son Can’t Attend Father-Son Event. And She Pretends To Be “Dad”!


Hahaha! Awww that’s so cute! Very fortunately they have a great mom who can play their father’s role! I am pretty sure if a father dressed as a mother and showed up, it would be creepy!)

This is cool but there really shouldn’t be only things for just fathers or mothers! This mom looks just like Nick Cage! That is a beautiful family. It’s all fun!

Chances are that you know a single parent. If you’re at all close to them, you know how much they work and sacrifice to take care of their children. Sure, nearly all parents do their best to love, provide, and care for their precious children, but when you are a single parent you must take on dual roles. Single parents have to take on all of the jobs and sometimes that requires a bit of creative flexibility.

Whitney Kittrell of St. Cloud Utah is a single mom making sure that her son doesn’t miss out on anything just because his dad isn’t in the picture. When her son came home from school with a flyer about a father-son school event called “Dad’s and Donuts”, he thought he wouldn’t be able to participate. But Whitney had other ideas.

She dressed up like “Dad” in track pants, t-shirt, and even a drawn on goatee and accompanied her son to the event. She was worried, but Whitney’s son was thrilled to have his mom at his side. Whitney shared the experience in a Facebook post: “I was so embarrassed but I couldn’t help but smile when he introduced me to his little friends saying ‘this is my mom… she’s my dad too so I brought her!’

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