Magician Stuns Penn And Teller With Coin Trick!


How does he do it? Impressive!

This is the best magic trick I have ever seen. I saw a few sleight of hand actions but it doesn’t add up to the result! That guy was impressive! Forget the magic — this guy’s monologue game is freaking epic!

Somebody gest him his own Youtube channel! No matter how hard you work, or how good you think you are at what you do, there will always be an Asian who takes it to the next level!)

All of us have heroes. Those individuals who do something so well that we can’t help but be inspired to dig deep and put in countless hours of hard work to achieve our dreams. Whether it’s our parents, our teachers, our community leaders, or someone we see on the television who makes us think, “one day– I’m going to do that.”

It’s not every day we can give back to the people who inspire us. But when the opportunity presented itself to an up-and-coming magician, Ryan Hayashi, he made sure to voice his gratitude and give back the joy and wonder that was gifted to him by two of his biggest childhood heroes: Penn and Teller.

While not many magicians have the chance to perform for the magical monoliths, even fewer actually have the skill to mask their movements and restore the magic to the the shrewd-sighted sorcerers. Hayashi’s big chance came when he made an appearance on the dynamic duo’s show, Fool Us, in which contestants try to perform a trick that Penn and Teller just can’t comprehend.

Ryan Hayashi– the samurai magician– shows us a brief selection of the tricks he’s performed in the past. But for this special occasion, he has sheathed his samurai sword for something that seems much less exciting…. a couple of coins and cards. In spite of the surprising decision, Ryan’s act does not disappoint.

Right from the get go, the audience can feel the energy of a man meeting his idols as Ryan briefly breaks from his standard introduction to recall an act he saw as a boy that truly made magic come alive.

“When I was a kid in the 1980’s, I saw Penn and Teller on television performing an act with just a pencil and a cigarette. This act fooled me and taught me the basics of magic. So, Penn, Teller– I now present to you what you inspired in me thirty years ago.”

At this point, we are suddenly thrust into an experience that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Using only four cards and four coins– Ryan dazzles the crowd with an act you have to see to believe. While some may call it sleight of hand, Ryan’s stage presence, big personality, and incredible routine are nothing short of true magic.

“I’ve been performing magic since I was eight years old and it took me twelve years to create this act. So, for me, this is not just a magic trick… this is something far deeper and a thousand times more savage– a work of terrifying beauty that has been growing all my life like an uncontrollable weed in the garden of my mind. I have crossed oceans of time and vast empires to be here today.”

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