Little Girl Sings “A Million Dreams” With Her Daddy, Leaving Everyone In Tears!


Awesome father daughter duo! I love how she squeezes her eyes when she hits a low or high note! The way she looks at her daddy is super cute!

Claire is such a beautiful little singer and has been blessed with such a special talent.

Her voice is so unique and it really touched my heart. Such expressions! She seems to feel the lyrics… A star in the making!

For many, singing or playing an instrument is a wonderful way to express themselves and relieve stress. For little Claire Ryann Crosby, singing is something she genuinely adores not just for the act itself but also for the bond it helps her create with her parents; they have been involved with music before Claire was even born.

In an incredible video, Claire and her father Dave have truly brought “A Million Dreams” from the famous musical, The Greatest Showman, to life. Before even watching the video, I already knew this was going to be cute, but never did I think that it would be something I would genuinely enjoy as a song in general!

So, we start out with Claire in a cute navy-blue dress with white polka dots against a brick wall. I thought at first we’d only be getting a glimpse of the little girl’s talent, but then her father peers in with instrument-playing and vocals of his own, which by the way are both stunning.

I have to say, in some parts of the cover, Claire sounds much more mature for her age. I am truly impressed! Sure, while there are more than likely edits to Claire’s singing voice, I enjoy her version more as the clip goes on. And you know we can’t ignore the cute faces she makes when she hits the higher notes. With her sweet smiles and tightly-shut eyes as she’s singing, this little girl is melting my heart.

In fact, Claire has already been featured on “The Voice,” “Good Morning Britain,” and “The Ellen Show.” Apart from the singing itself, can we just stop to notice how amazing the music video is? I love the interactions between Claire and her dad throughout the video, particularly when they look at one another and sing.

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