Little Cash Sings Buck Owens’ ‘I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail’!


Oh my goodness! Great job, boy! So proud of you! That’s epic little man and he definitely has a potential if he sticks with! This little dude is definitely the reincarnation of Hank Williams!

He did it awesome! The boy has so many confidence, especially in his really strong voice! So you need to watch and listen to this young singer in the clip below!

Don’t let this country singer’s youth deceive you. He’s been taking the stage to perform longer than you’ve owned some of those shoes in your closet. Eight-year-old Cash Singleton began playing Merle Haggard songs on his guitar at the age of five and his singing career began even earlier.

At the age of three, Cash constantly sang while ambling around his house and entertained fellow shoppers while being carted through local grocery stores. That’s where it all began! Though Cash says his favorite place to perform is in front of his classmates, after watching this performance, you’ll see he can do any song right no matter where he performs.

Recently, Cash took the stage to showcase his talents on Season 3 of Little Big Shots with host Steve Harvey. He wowed the audience with an energetic cover of Buck Owens‘ “I’ve Got A Tiger By The Tail.”

The young singer’s favorite musicians are Johnny Cash and Lester Flatt, but he sings a little bit of everyone. His versatile abilities are backed up on this show by brother, Cutter Singleton, 11, who plays eight instruments. Cutter can be seen playing the dobro and gets a cutaway solo during this stellar performance.

In May 2017, Cash won first place in the Beginner Division of the Kentucky Opry Talent Search. The Singleton brothers hail from Marion, KY where they are part of the bluegrass band Classy and Grassy.  Their big dream is to someday play on stage at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

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