Just wow! “Footloose” brings classic dance scenes back to life!


You will not see such a talent today! Back in the day… they were some of the best. Mix the old and the new, it’s fabulous! What great dancers!!! Wonderful to watch… I can’t keep my foot still during the music!

Awesome work, enjoy it similar dance moves from the movie! I love ‘Footloose’ and with the old shows made it even better! Watch!

When Bonnie from Classic Reel Girl announced that she was hosting the Gotta Dance! Blogathon, celebrating dance in the world of cinema, I, of course, had to participate to this highly appealing event. You see, apart from my passion from classic films, I also have a passion for dance. I love watching dance television shows, dancing myself (I did two years of dance when I was in CEGEP). When there’s music around, I can’t help swinging. And, of course, I love dance movies because they are the perfect combination of my two passions.

In this field, when I think of a movie that makes me want to dance, the first one that comes to my mind is Footloose (Herbert Ross, 1984) Of course, the 80s were a great decade for dance movies with movies such as the one previously named, Flashdance or Dirty Dancing.

Of course, dance in films already existed with the Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly of this world, but here I’m mentioning films were the only performing art is dance (not dance and singing). They are movies who really celebrate dance, movies about about dance. It’s the central subject.

Tribute to some of the most amazing dancers that ever lived! Taking some of the most enchanting and dazzling dance scenes from famous old Hollywood movies and shows, one creative YouTuber overlaid them on top of the famous theme song to the 1984 hit movie-musical Footloose.

First uploaded in early 2012,  this seemingly-endless string of stunning dance scenes pair almost perfectly with Kenny Loggins‘ hit song, “Footloose.” Over the course of this four-minute-long clip, a number of stunning dancers and their partners take center-stage and show off that old-school charm from one of Hollywood’s biggest eras.

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