Huge Dog Senses Danger And Immediately Goes In To Rescue His Best Friend!


Aww, what a good dog! So sweet! The dog loves to be helpful! Thank goodness the girl wasn’t in a real trouble. However, it IS….. to know THAT she WILL BE SAVE AND her brother WILL save her!

But either way nice job from the dog! Well done! It is a Caucasian Shephard — very protective for their family! Watch it below!

I am lucky to have friends that I love deeply and can rely on. I’ve got old friends who I’ve known since I was a child, and I’ve got new friends that I’ve made as an adult. I have friends from high school, friends I’ve made while traveling and living in different countries, friends of friends who became my friends, and so on.

While they are all special in their different ways, we’ve been able to touch each other’s lives for the better. We’ve gotten into some funny predicaments over the years, but one thing is for certain, we’ve always helped each other out. We’ve always managed to be there for one another in tough times, after all, isn’t that what friends are for?

While there are many signs of a solid friendship, being there to lend a hand or show up when needed are both pretty crucial. This Newfoundland dog knows what’s up! In this heartwarming video, mom’s got her camera while out for a sunny day on the beach. Her little daughter is swimming in the shallow waters with their massive pet, a Newfoundland dog.

These floppy fluff balls are big slush buckets. They don’t like being alone and are very sociable creatures. They are good-natured but can be a bit clumsy and have a wildly independent streak. They’re excellent companions and make really good family dogs, as seen in this sweet video.

While the little girl and big dog are frolicking in the water, the pup looks on as she splashes around. Everything is fine, and he’s standing in as her lifeguard, when all of a sudden, a wave comes in. It’s not a big wave, but it’s enough to catch her off guard and knock her down for a few seconds.

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